Researcher Programme Monthly Allowance of HK$18,000 / 「研究員計劃」 資助每月津貼18,000港元


Innovation and Technology Commission has been committed to promoting Hong Kong as a smart city. It has launched several support programs, such as "Researcher Programme", which support the development of innovative enterprises. To further support enlarging the I&T talent pool in Hong Kong, the funding scope of Researcher Programme has been extended to technology companies which are conducting or plan to conduct R&D activities in Hong Kong. 

Cooljobz provides personal consultation on recruiting talents and assists in applying for various funding programs. We aim at enhancing your company's competitive advantage to cope with the world's changes, viruses, and natural disasters. 
Researcher Programme: 

Technology companies could apply for funding to engage researchers to conduct R&D work.

Each eligible applicant company can engage up to 2 researchers at any one time.
  • The maximum engagement period for each researcher is 36 months.
  • The total engagement period for each applicant company should be no more than 72 months.
  • The maximum monthly allowance is HK$18,000 for graduates with a Bachelor’s degree and HK$21,000 for graduates with a Master’s degree from a local university.
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各行各業要好好把握機會,透過採用科技及增聘專才,加快業務發展。Cooljobz提供專人咨詢跟進,為企業招聘專才及協助申資助計劃,讓 貴公司有足夠的資源以應付世界大變、病毒自然災害之下的困境,並提升自身的競爭優勢。

  • 同時聘用最多兩名研究員。
  • 每月資助津貼為每名研究員為18,000港元
  • 資助期最長為36個月。
  • 研究員需取得本地大學學位或以上

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