Influence of Japan imposed to Hong Kong is not neglectable


Japan is widely considered as one of the most popular travelling destination for Hong Kong people. Thousands of Hong Kong people travelled to Japan during holiday to relax and shop.
The reason why Japan is such popular travelling destination for Hong Kong people is very obvious: both Japan and Hong Kong are regions influenced by Confucianism ideology. Countries or regions often attract tourist from other countries or regions with similar cultural background and ideology.
However, apart from popular travelling destination for Hong Kong people, Japan has actually much more ties with Hong Kong than anybody can imagine. If you have been awarded the bachelor degrees offered by universities in Hong Kong, you may see that there is a major program focused on Japan, usually named “Japan Studies”. Indeed, while China has not adopted the open-door policy in the ‘70s, Japan has the third highest GDP in the world, which clearly shown the powerful economic development of Japan.
Although the economic development of Japan has saturated already in the ‘80s and the industrial sector of Japan has diminished, and the factories has moved to China and Southeast Asia, Japan has still remained as a major economic power especially in Asia. As a result, Hong Kong still has economic ties with Japan in different aspects. One of the most obvious examples is electronic appliances. Sony, Canon, Nikon, and Fujitsu, all of these well-known brands of electronic gadgets are Japan companies. Nearly everybody in Hong Kong has been using Japan electronic appliances. It has a very good reputation, which is generally cheaper than those produced by American and European companies.
Also, Japan has also imposed a huge cultural impact to Hong Kong. Hong Kong teenagers have been watching cartoon and manga composed by Japanese artiest and listening to music produced by Japanese musician. Video games, mainly produced by Nintendo and other Japanese game producers, such as the famous “Pokémon” Series, still attract young adults and teenagers under the fierce competition with video games produced by China and other countries.
Due to social issues and instability of Hong Kong, many Hong Kong people consider moving to other countries for future development. Moving to Japan may seem easy, but indeed there are much more potential difficulties. Readers should think twice before moving to Japan.

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