Developing Career in Japan is not as difficult as you think


As mentioned before, Japan has a strong economic power and a massive cultural influence to Hong Kong. Because of the reason mentioned beforehand, it is recommended to move to Japan to work for Hong Kong people. The culture for Japan is suitable for ordinary Hong Kong people due to the cultural similarities.
One may wonder why Hong Kong can become the third world financial center, after London and New York, but not Tokyo, which has been established as a major city far before Hong Kong has established as a financial city. Some people may say that Tokyo has the time zone of “Plus nine”, not “Plus eight”, which do not match the eight hours gap between the three world financial centers.
The time zone factor may be a minor reason why Tokyo fail to become the third world financial center, but in my point of view, cultural factor is the major reason. Japan has a conservative culture, which is far more conservative than other countries in the “Free World”, which adopt liberalism and democracy. Protectionism is very common in Japan, and foreigners can seldom get permanent resident identity in Japan, unlike Hong Kong and European countries.
If you have friends who is from Japan, you may feel shocking after uncovering that they barely speak any English. Unlike other Asian countries, such as Hong Kong and Taiwan, English is not a required knowledge in Japanese society. In Hong Kong, knowing how to speak English is compulsory even for the most grass-rooted job. However, in Japan, it is okay for an employee not knowing how to speak English.
The history of Japan has affected the culture and mindset of Japanese people. As a group of islands lie in the east of China, Japan has been a closed society for nearly two thousand years, with very few connections with adjacent countries. The expansion of Mongolian Empire, which has occupied nearly the whole Asia do not affect Japan either, which crafted the distinctive and unusual culture of Japan.
Due to the difference between Hong Kong and Japan, Hong Kong people with fluent Japanese is welcomed. As Hong Kong people mostly speak English, Japanese company may establish relation with European companies and US companies with the assistance of Hong Kong employee. Professional-wise, financial and commercial professions are not so important in Japan due to the difference of Japan economic structures comparing to Hong Kong, but science and engineering professions may find opportunities in Japan. Those with related discipline of knowledge may consider develop their career in Japan, given that one speaks fluent Japanese.

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