ThunderCore is a public blockchain with a native cryptocurrency. It is EVM-compatible with throughput of 4,000+ TPS and low gas costs.
Core Beliefs That Drive Us
Blockchain will fundamentally change the way humans interact with technology
  • People will increasingly rely on, and trust, decentralized authority and service providers.
  • Unrestricted access to the benefits and value created by technology is a universal right.
  • The future is open, decentralized, and transparent.
Real Blockchain Real Benefits ThunderCore is committed to deploying our global team of seasoned engineers, entrepreneurs and professionals to bring revolutionary technology to the masses. We are building a world where the real benefits of blockchain technology are tangible and present.
Decentralized Application/Backend Developer
ThunderCore is looking for a skilled and sharp decentralized application backend/smart-contract developer to join our blockchain core team! You will participate in building up innovative products and tools to enrich the ecosystem on ThunderCore blockchain.
You will be responsible for building independent products and tools for massive users.
You’ll need to deliver high quality code and catch up with new tools and techniques efficiently.
What you’ll do:
  • Design, implement, and maintain smart contracts and related backend services of decentralized applications
  • Optimize resource consumption in smart contracts, backend service, database.
  • Research and understand blockchain technology
  • Develop and maintain related tools
What you need:
  • 3-5 years of experience in backend/system development or in smart contract development
  • Excellent coding skills based on understanding of unit tests
  • Familiar with at least one of Golang, Python, C, C++, TypeScript, JavaScript, or Solidity
What we prefer:
  • Familiarity with DApp development tools such as Solidity, Truffle, Remix
  • Experience in Node.js development
  • Familiarity with debugging tools such as gdb, lldb.
  • Has knowledge of financial product
  • Passionate about blockchain
  • Negotiable
  • Taiwan

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Post Details
Posted By ThunderCore
Salary Negotiable
Payment Not Applicable
Location Taiwan
Industry Information Technology
Classification Information Technology : Hardware, Mobile / Wireless communications, Network / Support, Other, Project Management, Software Development, Webmaster / SEO
Job Type Full time
Working time Morning
Working days Monday to Friday
Qualification Degree or Above

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Decentralized Application/Backend Developer
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