P2P Reward Program / P2P獎勵計劃


Peer-to-Peer networks are supporting each other in recruiting process. Job Seekers get hired in the job they really want. Meanwhile, employers hire the best people.
通過人與人(Peer to Peer)之間的連線組成社群,亙相支援,助求職者更易找到心目中的理想工作,讓僱主更能找到最佳人選。

Know someone who might be interested in this job? Refer them to us and enjoy generous rewards! You can make extra money after they are hired and complete their probation. Don't hesitate! Join our Reward Program! *Terms and conditions apply

Step 1: Search a job with a P2P Reward logo.
Step 2: Click the referral link and fill in the form. ( Job Position is MUST)
Step 3: Get extra money after they are hired and complete their probation
Step 1: 尋找有P2P獎金的工作
Step 2: 按下文章內的推薦連結,然後填妥資料(必須填寫所推薦的職位)
Step 3: 被推薦人獲聘並完成試用期後,你將會獲發放P2P獎金!
Once the Application has achieved the status, we wil follow up with the Employer. We credit your account as soon as we receive the payment from the Employer.

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