Singapore: Your desired country for developing your career


Developing your career in Singapore is actually a good choice, given the political stability in Singapore. Also, as Hong Kong people mostly knew how to speak English, developing in Singapore is a very good choice.
Speaking of similarities between Hong Kong and Singapore, both Hong Kong and Singapore are major financial hub in Asia, and also focused on financial sector. As mentioned before, both Hong Kong and Singapore has been treated as the “Four Little Dragons” in the eighties, due to their rapid economic development.
In my point of view, Singapore is an excellent country for those Hong Kong people who does not want to stay in Hong Kong after graduation from universities. Singapore has a clear contrast compared to Hong Kong, which the government of Singapore is responsible, the policy of the government can really foster the development of business sector and the government has a high efficiency and good reputation.
Many great people from Hong Kong, such as Dr. Simon Lui, who has been a professor in the National University of Singapore and now work as the musical director of Tencent Music, has gained valuable experience in their life at Singpore. Readers may consider move to Singapore if finding that Hong Kong environment is too suffocating.

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