Outline of Malaysia Culture and Economic Development


Malaysia, which located in Southeast Asia, has been one of most important power in the region. Near the Strait of Malacca, Malaysia has a long history of being a strategic territory in terms of military. Because of this, Malaysia has got many more opportunities compared to other Southeast Asia country.
Malaysia, due to its geographic location, apart from Malay people who is the indigenous people of that region, also consists of immigrants from China and India. There are nearly one fourth of population who is belonged to the ethic group of Chinese, and about five to ten percent of population belonged to the ethic group of India. Because of this, a wide variety of culture has existed in Malaysia. Malay indigenous people are mostly Islam, however, due to the difference of cultural background for the three ethnic groups, immigrants from China are mostly not Islam. For Indians, they mostly believe in Hinduism. The reason behind this phenomenon is because of the development of sailing technology, enabling people from China and India immigrant to other place when China and India have political instability.
Unlike Singapore, the United State of America, the United Kingdom and Japan, the economic development of Malaysia is relatively developing, rather than developed. This is mainly because of the conflicts between the three ethnic groups. India and Pakistan have divided into two countries, mainly because of religion difference. Malaysia, which consists of three major ethnic groups, spend much resources on maintaining serene and peaceful relationship between the three major ethnic groups, and suspended the economic development.
However, every coin has two sides, countries with developing economic has far more opportunity than countries with developed economic. If you have some relatives living in Malaysia, you may take their advice on how to settle down in Malaysia.

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