MM2H and immigrating to Malaysia


Countries with developing economic tend to have higher demand to investment and professional labor force, which Malaysia is not an exception. To foster foreign investment and labor force, Malaysia government has adopted the “Malaysia My Second Home” program, mostly called as “MM2H”, to attract foreigners to move to Malaysia.
The MM2H program grant register ten years of residential permit in Malaysia, however, they cannot become Malaysia citizen through this program even they live in Malaysia during that 10 years. Also, the MM2H program only grant register residential permit, not work permit. MM2H program register cannot work as a labor in Malaysia. However, register can start their own business legally in Malaysia in order to earn a living.
People who are going to enroll the MM2H program are divided into two groups – those who are over fifty years old and those who are below fifty years old. Both group of people should have at least twenty thousand Hong Kong dollars monthly salary. For those who are over fifty years old, the Malaysia government required them to have at least seven hundred thousand liquid cash, while those who are below fifty years old should have at least one million liquid cash. Besides the above requirement, enroller should invest in Malaysia.
Of course, family members, such as spouse, children and other relatives can also be admitted to Malaysia through the MM2H program. Children can attend elementary education and secondary education in Malaysia like children whose parents are Malaysia citizen.
Due to the huge population of Chinese ethnic group, starting a business in Malaysia is not as difficult as you think. If you do not have enough resources to live in the USA and other European countries, Malaysia can be a choice for you.

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